You Are Always Welcome

Whatever your age or life story is, you are welcome! Our mission is simple: people are our goal and Jesus is our message. You will find peace at work!

About Us

It was at the end of 1980 some Eritrean believers were starting to come to Edmonton Canada. Then after a little while, started meeting each other and praying in a volunteer brothers and sisters house. Their main prayer was how to reach the Eritreans who live in Edmonton. When the due time of God arrived, they started to held Sunday Service programs at Holy spirit Lutheran church in 1990. After a little while, they moved to Augustan Lutheran church, and stayed there until 2015. Again, Bethel Eritrean Evangelical church in Edmonton (BEECE) moved to St. Anglican Church. After all this up and down 


BEECE Elders planned to have our own church building and select building committee. This building Committee started discussion and looking suitable building for church. Once when they come up with an Idea they communicated this to the Bethel members congregation, All believers welcomed their Idea. Then the committee started collecting contributions from the church members and raised funds by setting especial events. In 2016 BEECE purchased a huge gym and warehouse building. All the congregation becomes very happy and praised God for this miraculous provision. The building was renovated by BEECE. In July 1, 2017 moved to our own church building located at 6740 – 121 Avenue, Edmonton, AB, T5B 0Y6.


Our church has a board of Elders. The board of Elders consist of the pastor and elected elders. An elder is nominated by the board of elders and elected by the congregation to serve for a term of three years. Elders of this church do care for the spiritual needs of the church family, guard the purity of doctrine and life of the church, and direct the administration of the church ordinances


"He found Him in Bethel, And there He spoke to us"!

Our Pastor

Responsibilities of a Pastor, as a Pastor provides spiritual leadership to members of the church and select preachers and plans lessons monthly or yearly with specific topics of the year. Pastor interpret biblical scripture for the congregation

Bethel's Vision

Our Vision is to bear lasting fruit by bringing multitudes to Christ and edifying believers to grow into Christ-like maturity, equipping believers to serve inside and outside the church. We will also help spread the Gospel all over the Eritrean Community in Edmonton, Canada, Eritrea, and the world


Our Belief

We believe in God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. We believe that Salvation is by grace through Christ alone. We believe that baptism is a commandment of our Lord and that it demonstrates to the world our death, burial and resurrection with Christ and Our obedience to him.

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